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The X&Y Challenge

Visit for equipment and apparel! Visit for equipment and apparel!

The box will open at 7:30 am on Saturday. Make sure you sign in at the door to receive your free t-shirt and to pay if you have not done so already! The first WOD will start at 9 am with the Open Division competing first in the order that is listed below. We will go over the standards briefly before the WOD but all movement standard videos have been posted to our Facebook page.

Aaron Repman & Carlina Johnson (CrossFit Hanover & CrossFit Warrenton) Open Division 
J.R. Mitchell & Danielle Pityk (Shenandoah CrossFit) Open Division
Mitchell Schroeder & Lindsey Swaim (Shenandoah CrossFit) Open Division
Jason Barr & Cait Lucas (Shenandoah CrossFit) Open Division
Nic Hoover & Kellie Wagner (Shenandoah CrossFit) Open Division
Ryan Allday & Heather Allday (Compound CrossFit) Open Division
Kevin Moore & Lindsey Churchill (CrossFit Lynchburg) Open Division
Damian Saunders & Brit Neer (Shenandoah CrossFit) Open Division
Russ Barlow & Christina Werries (CrossFit Lat 39) Open Division
Sean Leonard & Jodi Pietrzyk (CrossFit 304) Open Division
Patrick Everett & Tiffany Mettel (Shenandoah CrossFit & CrossFit Charlottesville) Open Division
Donnie Hoff & Jessica Gustafson (CrossFit Lynchburg & Shenandoah CrossFit) Open Division
David Cooper & Alison Phillips (CrossFit PR Star) Open Division
Scott Brookshire & Kate Durbin (Shenandoah CrossFit) Scaled Division
Trevor Baker & Mary Phillips (CrossFit Harrisonburg) Scaled Division
Brian Northup & Krista Koster (CrossFit OldTown) Scaled Division
Donald Jackson & MaryBeth Brown (Brickhouse CrossFit) Scaled Division
Robert Drake & Tania Cubitt (PETN 1.66 CrossFit) Scaled Division
Joel McGreevy & Allison Bell (Shenandoah CrossFit) Scaled Division
Nathan Perkinson & Erin Chaney (CrossFit Blacksburg) Scaled Division
Tighe Cullinane & Casey Bagent (CrossFit 304) Scaled Division
Loc Vu & Sharon Lapkoff (CrossFit Frederick) Scaled Division
Kyle Price & Jennifer Price (CrossFit 304) Scaled Division
Jeremy Beussink & Lera Beussink (CrossFit Perseverance) Scaled Division
Matthew Pisano & Grace Caudle (CrossFit Harrisonburg) Scaled Division
Ryan Alichwer & Maria Carnicella (CrossFit Perseverance) Scaled Division
Scott Shirey & Min Cha (Hammerdown CrossFit) Scaled Division

T-Shirt Contest
The team with the best/funniest/most clever/coolest/sweetest/most rememberiest shirts (or whoever we decide wins), will win a case of beer. This will be judged by the Boss Crew (we aren't judges, we are the boss, end of story) so stay clever my friends!

WOD #1:
8 minute EMOM/AMRAP:
Partner 1 will row 10 calorie every minute on the minute
Partner 2 will amrap snatches 115#/80# for open 85#/60# for scaled with the remaining time from the row. One bar per team so plan accordingly, only one partner can work at a time, partner 2 must stop snatching at the start of every minute so partner 1 can do 10 calorie row. You may switch partners during the WOD but remember there is only one bar per pair.

WOD #2:
Men - 6 minute to establish a 1RM Pull Up.
Immediately following, 2 minute AMRAP of Air Squats
Women - Box Jump Obstacle Course

WOD #3:
*12 minute time cap*
Hang Squat Cleans 135#/95# for open
Wall Walk penalty for dropping the bar
*The bar must be held for the entire time you both are working*
Partner 1 will complete 2 reps, Partner 2 will complete 2 rep, Partner 1 will complete 4, Partner 2 will complete 4 and so on.
The wall walk penalty reps will correspond with the reps you were on with the hang squat clean. Example: If you drop the bar on the set of 6, the pairs need to complete 6 total and reps can be broken up however they want between the two partners, gameplan wisely.

WOD #4:
Women - 6 minutes to establish a 1RM Push Press (NOT Push Jerk)
Immediately following, 2 minute AMRAP of Kettlebell Swings 16kg
Men - Box Jump Obstacle Course

***Given the unbelievable response by you all with the number of teams that have signed up, there will be a 5th WOD to cut the field to 8 teams before the Final WOD which will be the top 4 pairs. These are only for the Open Division***

February 16, 2013

9:00 A.M.

$40 per team

Basic Information:
Teams must be comprised of 1 Male and 1 Female
2 Divisions: Open and Scaled
3 WODs + 1 Final (2 strength + 2 skills events + final WOD for top 4 teams in Open division only)
Final WOD will be winner take all
Most workouts will require teams to work together but some will be based on individual performance
WODs will be announced on January 26, 2013
WOD #1 will start at 9:00 A.M.! You will have 50 minutes between your workout ending and your next one beginning. The Final will have one hour.
Only 16 Pairs will be accepted per division!

Register by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:

Male's Name
Female's Name
T-shirt Size (all shirts in male sizes)
The box you will be representing or non-affiliated

*Registration must be submitted by January 31st in order to receive a free t-shirt*
We will still accept registrations after January 31st but cannot guarantee a shirt for those of you who wait.

Once we have received your email, we will send a confirmation email with more information. Please feel free to email any questions to the above email address.

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